Do you offer employment?

No. We are migration consultancy and not manpower agency. We are assisting applicants secure a visa for migration purposes. On the other hand, manpower agency engages an employer overseas for the deployment of workers. However, if you are skilled workers like welders, pipe fitters etc and have an offer of employment from employers in Australia, we can assist you to get your Subclass 457 or ENS Subclass 186 visa. Click here to get free assessment.

What are your services?

Basically, our services cover the points-based skilled migration which means that your qualifications and skills are tested against the criteria to see if you are eligible for migration. We also offer assistance to get family visa, temporary visas, student visas, business visa and tourist visas.

Am I qualified?

If you are a professional or skilled worker with two or more years of related experience and your skills are in demand, you may be eligible for migration. Look here if your skill is in demand.  See 2017 Skilled Occupation List

What is Skills Assessment?

The Skills Assessment for GSM, ENS, or RSMS is an assessment of your qualifications and employment. Applicants need a qualification which is assessed at the required educational level, in a highly relevant field of study to the nominated occupation. In addition to this, at least one year of employment within the last five years is required, in a field which is highly relevant and at an appropriate skill level to your nominated occupation. For some occupations, either one or two years of additional employment is required if the qualification has a shortfall in content relevance.

How much money do i have to produce?

It depends upon your purpose. If you are coming here as permanent resident, you must prove that you can sustain the cost of living. When you come here as a permanent resident, you will find out that you have to look for job and your savings is essential to survive during this period of unemployment. You may search the internet about the cost of living in Australia.

How much is the cost of the visa?

Visa costs vary on the type of visa. They are payable to the Commonwealth of Australia . You may search for the cost of visa at

Do I have a job when i get to Australia?

No, unless you have the subclass 457 visa or ENS 186. You have to look for the job here in Australia by yourself. However, there are lots of support programs you can use in finding a job.

How much does it cost an agent?

Information on the latest fees for migration agent is available on MARA website. Follow this link.

How do you process your visa?

Generally, we process visa online. This means that you are going to communicate with us thru emails, Skype and other apps if necessary.

Where can we check your registration?

It is simple. You may just give us an email thru our website and follow the instructions. You may also call us either overseas or in the Philippines.

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