RPS Migration Service


RPS Migration is a premium migration firm committed to achieving results for its clientele whether it is a business or an individual. With the expertise of Registered Migration Agent and recruitment specialist it provides professional services, which are grounded on Australia’s Migration Laws and Regulations and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Policies.

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Customer Question Answer

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RPS Migration Services assists with a wide range of visa categories, including skilled migration visas (such as Subclass 189 and Subclass 190), employer-sponsored visas (Subclass 482), family sponsorship visas, student visas, and more. We provide comprehensive support for various immigration pathways.
Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the entire visa application process. We assess your eligibility, provide personalized advice, assist with document preparation, review your application before submission, and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations to maximize your chances of success.
Yes! If you are an international student seeking educational opportunities in Australia, we offer guidance on course selection based on your interests, career aspirations, budgetary considerations, and preferred location. We help you find the most suitable educational institution and program that aligns with your needs.
Absolutely! Our team has expertise in handling complex immigration cases involving issues such as health or character concerns or previous visa refusals. We analyze your circumstances carefully and provide expert advice on how best to address any potential obstacles to achieve a positive outcome.

During an initial consultation session at RPS Migration Services, we assess your individual circumstances against the eligibility criteria for various visa categories. Based on this assessment, we provide personalized advice regarding which options may be suitable for you